Back 2 Love

What is the difference between an unsatisfying love life and a fulfilling one ?

Is it bad luck? Fatality ?

Discover below the “Itinerary of a Fulfilled Love Life”.

And the keys to a 360° transformation.

Frustrated or dissatisfied with your love life?


You are coming out of a painful breakup: tired of reproducing the pattern once again and suffering from it!


You live a never-ending celibacy, punctuated by fruitless and disappointing dates…


Do you feel out of breath from your past relationships and the emotional charge you feel is still there ?

Do you have romantic ambitions which you don’t know how to materialize ?

I accompany singles (this also applies if you are at the start of a relationship!) to free themselves from their repetitive patterns and their conditioning and to materialize the love life of their ambitions, feeling free, fulfilled, powerful and clear.


8 billion people
8 billion ways to love

bye bye Hollywood and Disney




Tired of being “subscribed” to “unavailable” profiles who are either married, geographically distant, or emotionally absent…


Tired of adapting to what you believe the other expects of you (to be loved) and of not feeling fully yourself in the relationship?


Tired of the anxieties and fears that assail you? (what if it doesn’t work, and if we break up, and if I still suffer, and if I regret my choice…)

We are not always aware of it but we are conditioned, from our birth to what we have observed in our families and those around us through what we see and read (TV, cartoons , films, series) since our childhood and on a daily basis. All this contributes to the idea we have of love, of the couple, of the relationship.

This is the “tint” of the glasses we wear without even knowing it.

Doing this work of consciousness and deconditioning our clichés leaves room for a more conscious, fair, free and serene emotional positioning in our love relationships, and more!

A single program for…


Putting your ambitions at the service of your happiness. And not from a fantasized ideal.

Reveal yourself

Learn to show yourself as you are and to trust. Bye bye armors and facades!


Dare more and differently. Being and feeling rather than doing and having.

Surprise yourself!

Believe in it again. Fatality does not exist. But conditioning does !

Diane Montillaud-Joyel

Self-love coach and digital entrepreneur, I was passionate very early on for the dynamics of love and self-esteem because it brings us back to what is most intimate and visceral in each of us.

I myself have experienced what it is like to be happy and unhappy as a couple and single. I saw how all of this is essentially based on me, my perceptions and my story. In 20 years, I have developed a unique approach to help everyone take a liberating look at their love journey in order to build solid and serene foundations for a future that lives up to their ambitions.

Through my coaching, my clients have noticed changes in both their love and professional lives. Love is at the heart of everything.



Since your support, I have never experienced such love, it's huge!

– Anna


When I sincerely thought I had found my block, Diane knew we weren't there at all.

– Benoît


A real change for me. An established serenity (...), I no longer think before speaking, it's fluid!

– Charlotte


Today, I feel liberated and peaceful. I am me, natural, proud and in love again.

– Karine

Podcast Back 2 Love

The Back 2 Love podcast is dedicated to things of love, in other words to everyday things and to our sometimes sublime, sometimes detestable humanity.

From daisies to cosmic shivers, we will explore stories of love, consciousness and our past with passion, rants, philosophy, humor and a lot of fun.

May this podcast accompany you to love and accept yourself with ever greater ease, fluidity, perspective, depth, grandeur and freedom. By having fun. Because we are not animals. Boring beasts like nightcaps that sometimes confuse spirituality, meaningless silence, austerity and complexity.