Human Design

What if there was a user manual that only spoke about you?

Human Design is a fantastic tool that combines several ancient disciplines such as the Kabbalah tree of life, astrology, Yi-King and other approaches more recent ones such as genetics and quantum physics as well as astronomy.

With this tool, simply by retrieving your birth information such as day, place and time, we can access a number of information with staggering precision on your optimal functioning, and even , you might say, on the very essence of your being.

Obviously, we are certainly much more than a cartography, as precise as it is, nevertheless the quality of an interpretation can give substance to reflections and revelations that are at the very least impactful and luminous. .

If you have followed my way of working a bit, you may have understood how the idea of ​​deconditioning is key in everything I propose. From our birth scenario to the “release” of everything we feed ourselves consciously and unconsciously (family, friends, books, films, conversations… to name but a few ) human design is the ultimate complement, like the icing on the cake, to help you recognize and embody your optimal functioning.

From the womb of our mother, we are biased, borrowed from feelings and perceptions with which we have built our place in this world. However, there comes a time, when we begin a personal work, where we realize that this is also what prevents us from developing ourselves more fully, more freely< /strong> and serenely. These perceptions and feelings accumulated over the course of our existence determine our way of choosing, of seeing and finally… Being.

We are all perfectly unique, and this is what this Human Design tool sublimates and values.

Among other things, I use Human Design in the “Ambitious Love” Experience, but for those of you who do not feel concerned by the program and who nevertheless have the appeal and the If you want to discover yourself in this aspect, I offer packages of one or 2 sessions to introduce you deeply to your unique card, its warnings and its treasures.

You will then discover, like a memory awakening, reminders of a existence and a functioning that is sometimes forgotten and yet so simple and natural for you.

Want to know your secrets…?

1 session



Discover the secrets of your type, your strategy, your authority, your profile, and each of your centers. This work of clarification allows us to understand ourselves and to begin to see ourselves as we are, shaped by the environment that has been ours and that we have sometimes had the impression of undergoing.

2 sessions

✨ Bestseller! ✨


In addition to what is included in the first session, reveal your natural gifts and talents as well as what you have come to embody, what you have come to learn, what nourishes you deeply… In short, discover your unique color and the shortest and most efficient way to fully embody it!